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The School Day

School Day


Playground gates are open from 8.30am when children come straight into classes. Parents of children from Yr R to Year 2 are asked to escort them to the classroom door. Parents of children in Year 3 should walk up to the end of the Russell Building (Year 3 block). Gates close at 8.50am promptly. Children who arrive after this, must be brought into the Main Office.


Registration closes at 9.05am. After this time, a child is mark in the register as late.


 Reception and Key Stage 1Key Stage 2
Break Time10:20-10.4010:55-11.05
 Reception no set time 
Lunch Time11.30-12.30 for Reception12.15-1.15
 11.45-12.45 for Years 1 and 2 
Break TimeApprox 1.44-1.55 (varies) for Years 1 and 2 
End of Day




Together we learn,together we grow, with faith, love and God beside us