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Spoken Language

Spoken Language


For all children to: -

  • acquire a wide vocabulary and understanding of grammar 
  • feel confident voicing opinions during discussions and collaborative activities
  • be able to make formal presentations, demonstrate to others and participate in debates


Teaching and Learning:

At St Nicholas, Spoken Language is prioritised as it underpins the development of reading and writing.

it is embedded into all areas of our curriculum.

Within classrooms, teachers support spoken language by: -

  • encouraging children to reply with developed answers, speak in full sentences and project their voices
  • modelling a more sophisticated and subject specific vocabular
  • ensuring  regular opportunities to debate, justify, explain
  • directly teaching key vocabulary 
  • consistently using  'agree, build upon or challenge' as a tool to debate different views constructively
  • presenting Super Speaker awards  for confident and clear expression
  • the inclusion of Drama strategies as a tool to explore language
  • a programme of termly poetry recitals
  • the use of 'Talk for Writing' approaches providing children with opportunities to imitate  language structures as well as oral re-telling. 


Together we learn,together we grow, with faith, love and God beside us