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Special Educational Needs

At our school we are committed to meeting the special educational needs of our children and ensuring that they make good progress. Our policy for Special Needs supports the vision of the school: 'Together we learn, together we grow, with faith, love and God beside us'.


We welcome all children and endeavour to ensure that the appropriate provision is made to cater for individual needs. Children with special educational needs and disabilities are admitted in line with the schools’ admissions policy and on an equal basis with all other children according to set criteria. The school takes into account the suitability of the child to mainstream education, and availability of resources and facilities to meet that child’s needs.


We work closely with outside agencies, other settings, professionals and parents to ascertain whether a child has been identified as having special educational needs and/or disabilities.  If the school is alerted to the fact that a child may have a difficulty in learning they will collect all relevant information and plan a relevant differentiated curriculum. The school forms part of the Spelthorne Confederation and we work closely with all schools within this group.


Mrs Hollis is our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo) and she works closely with both teaching and support staff. She can be contacted via the school office and on


 As part of the National Special Educational Needs Reform local authorities are required to publish a ‘local offer’ which is intended to provide information about provision available to children with special educational needs in the local area.  At St Nicholas Primary School we are proud of our inclusive practice and what we can offer to all children, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

Please read the documents below which outline our school offer and gives an overview of our provision.   


Together we learn,together we grow, with faith, love and God beside us