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At St Nicholas our main aim is to develop a love of reading. We teach whole class reading to ensure children’s skills in the two key components of becoming a skilled reader are paramount: Word recognition and Language Comprehension. Children are given opportunities to read aloud, listen to a text read by a teacher or peer and be able to discuss orally what they have read.  Unfamiliar vocabulary is explored and explained within a familiar context, ensuring there is breadth and depth to their knowledge and skills. We ensure that the class texts and books across our scheme are accessible, engaging and can provide rich vocabulary for child. We teach a weekly comprehension lessons which focuses on the key skills of reading. Reading is also intertwined within writing lessons and other areas of the curriculum, this ensures reading objectives are constantly being covered though immersing children into a range of texts and genres.  

We have a home-school reading system (up to Year 6), which allows children to access different genres of books at the appropriate level for them. We ensure that we have a range of books accessible and engaging for all learners. We have books which support the teaching of phonics and dyslexic learners. All children are listened to regularly by a teacher to support fluent word reading as well as individual comprehension.


Together we learn,together we grow, with faith, love and God beside us