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We have a range of clubs taking place throughout the year.  Please enquire at the office for more details and availability of spaces.


St Nicholas Care Club - Monday to Friday 

Morning Session - 7.45-8.30 am for all year groups

Afternoon Session - 3 - 6 pm for all year groups

For more information contact Mrs O'Dowd at the school office 01932 227744


Music lessons every day covering a variety of instruments (run by Surrey Arts)

 contact 01483 519303 for availability and charges




Monday Tae Kwon Do 3 pm to 4.15 pm Fees Apply

First Session

13th January


Running Yrs 3 to 6


Football/Netball Girls Yrs 3 & 4

3.15pm to 4.15pm





20th January




Tuesday Multiskills 1&2 3pm to 4pm   21st January
  Netball 5&6 3.15pm to 4.15pm    

Mary Poppins


3.15 to 5 pm


  See Separate Schedule
Wednesday REDZ 3pm to 4pm Fees Apply

11th September

  PS Sports 3 pm to 4.15 pm Fees Apply 11th September

Jammin Together


3.15 pm to 5.15 pm


Fees Apply


11th September



Football 5&6 Boys

Football 5&6 Girls

3.15pm to 4.15pm



23rd Janaury





      * Charges apply to these clubs.         

    Tae Kwon Do, Graham Hibbs,  contact 07876  732661 for charges   

               Street Dance, REDZ, contact 07985 801397 or

                                         for charges              

               Jammin’ Together, Rory Anderson,  contact 07421 367140  or email

                              for charges              

               JamTrax, Rory Anderson,  contact 07421 367140  or email

                              for charges

               PS Sports, Paul Seuke,  contact 07464 781683  or email

                              for charges













Together we learn,together we grow, with faith, love and God beside us