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St Nicholas Church of England Primary School

School Dog 

Hi, I'm Milo.

I am a Border Cross Cairn Terrier and have been coming in to school since the second lock down when I was just 10 weeks old. Mrs Cook and my owner Mrs Oldham decided then that I could be a school dog. I have to do lots of training so that I am allowed to be in school every day! I like to help children come in to school if they are feeling sad or if they just need a cuddle and I know I help the grown-ups too! I really like going into classes where I can wander round and check everyone is ok. I really just like the extra strokes. The children are also allowed to take me out for walks during breaktimes and sometimes, as a real treat, during lesson time. I love coming in to school every day and by the end of the week, I am very tired. If you are a pupil or a visitor to the school, please come and say hello to me in the front office if I'm not in class or on walkies.