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St Nicholas Church of England Primary School

Personal Social Health & Economics

 At St Nicholas, we aim for every child to: -

  • Gain knowledge and attributes  to support their own and others’ wellbeing
  • Develop into successful and happy adults able to make a meaningful contribution to society
  • Leave with the knowledge and capability to take care of their own mental wellbeing
  • Know how to receive support if problems arise
  • Know how to keep healthy and stay safe

Teaching and Learning

At St Nicholas, all staff adhere to the agreed Teaching and Learning Policy. In addition, the following is in place for PSHE: -

  • A broad and sequences curriculum through the Jigsaw learning scheme
  • Lessons that are inclusive to all
  • Lessons focus on listening and understanding
  • Many opportunities for children to express their own views, reflect and to ask challenging questions
  • Lessons can include discussions and debates that may be sensitive and controversial
  • A safe forum for children to disagree, while respecting the differing views of others