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St Nicholas Church of England Primary School

Whole School Event

Golden Boot Challenge

The golden boot challenge winners were 4M with an average score across the 4 weeks of 94%! Congratulations!! 😊 3C made the biggest green change from the baseline with an increase by 25%. 4M will also be entitled to have some time out on the field to use any equipment they would like from the PE field shed! We increased our active travel as a school by 7%.

Sports Day 2021

The 2021 sports day started on Monday 14th June to Thursday 17th June. Children competed against each other in houses and only one Year group was out at one time due to our safety measures and bubbles in place for COVID 19. It was a pleasure to watch all the children from Reception to Year 6 take part in their Sports Day this week with happy faces, great participation and impeccable behaviour all round. A big thank you to the Year 6 sports captains who did a fantastic job of helping me organise the sports days, score the points and explaining each of the different stations. It was great to see them being responsible and mature within their role.  KS1 did a total of 6 stations: an egg and spoon race, sack race, sprint, obstacle course, bean bag throw and a cone collect relay. KS2 also did 6 stations: sprint race, relay race, standing long jump, obstacle race, Nerf vortex or foam javelin throw and a agility race.

Inter-House Competitions

As a school we are now organising an inter-house competition between year groups at the end of each half term. This is a great opportunity for children to compete and show off their skills they have learnt in their PE lessons.

Inter-House PE competition Autumn 1 results: -

1st – Delphinus

2nd – Hydra

3rd – Aquila

4th – Pegasus