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St Nicholas Church of England Primary School


At St Nicholas, we aim for every child to: -

  • be curious and inquisitive about the world and to want to find out more

  • have a deep understanding of people and places in the world and how they are connected
  • be geo-literate so they can make informed and responsible choices for the future. 

Teaching and Learning

When teaching Geography, teachers: -

  • aim to ensure children are actively involved in the learning  and develop  geographical understanding 
  • provide opportunities for discussion and reflection to deepen geographical understanding
  • encourage children to use age appropriate geographical vocabulary
  • teach age appropriate geographical skills with evidence of progression from previous year groups
  • have good geographical knowledge, are enthusiastic, explain things clearly and anticipate and challenge misconceptions and stereotypes of places or people.  
  • place a strong emphasis on learning through discovery and inquiry, especially using fieldwork to develop geographical skills 
  • are creative and plan practical approaches as often as possible
  • ensure that children’s sense of place is developed i.e. using the class world map and cross-curricular approaches
  • ensure that children recognise their contribution to and responsibility for their locality, their country and the global community
  • ensure that children know they are in a Geography lesson and what is expected of their learning in that lesson
  • ensure that all children feel and are included

 Digi-maps for schools - Digimap For Schools (

Digimap for Schools is an award-winning online mapping service supporting cross-curricular teaching of geography, math, literacy, and history - enabling teachers and pupils to gain critical digital and data skills. Digi-Maps for Schools

ODDIZZI ~ Published Scheme Supporting Learning