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St Nicholas Church of England Primary School


Our Computing curriculum has been carefully considered in order that the most purposeful and engaging  series of lessons are taught. Lessons are based on the Teach Computing scheme but other resources are used as required. Lessons have progressively more complex outcomes and contexts.

At St Nicholas, we aim for every child to: -

  • be digitally literate and to be able to be digitally safe
  • to use technology confidently and wisely as it an integral part of life
  • to ensure their readiness for the ‘outside’ world and potential careers.


Teaching and Learning

The learning progression document above is based on The National Curriculum.  You can see this full document on the Curriculum Overview section of this website. 

Learning takes place in  the ICT suite or using iPads and tablets in a classroom setting.

Digital literacy is taught alongside e-safety. Children are exposed to regular teaching of e-safety to ensure the children know what to do if they come across something either inappropriate or uncomfortable. These lessons are taught every half term.