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Staff Organisation



The key responsibility of all school leaders is to sustain high quality teaching and learning and implement targeted plans for improvement.

Other responsibilities are listed below:




Headteacher                                                  Safeguarding (DSL), Strategic Direction,

Mrs E Felsing                                                Internal Organisation,  Self-Evaluation, Worship,                                                                          Health and Safety,  NQT Assessor, Transition                                                                                           Headteacher Governor                    


Deputy Headteacher                                   Safeguarding (DSL), Self Evaluation,  Achievement  Data Analysis

Mrs N Cook                                                   Overview, Staff Induction, Student Teachers and NQT Lead, Staff

                                                                         Professional Development, Pupil Voice


Assistant Head

Mrs K Cummings                                          Specialist Mathematics Consultant/Mastery teaching

                                                              across the Curriculum

Assistant Head                                                   Inclusion Leader

Lou Hitchcock


School Business Manager                           School Budget and Finance, Human Resources,  Premises,                      

Mrs C Gardiner                                              Administration and Welfare Overview, Safeguarding/Recruitment



Mrs A Apps                                                     Year 4 Leader, English 

Mrs R Brooks   (Maternity Leave)                Computing/E-Safety & E Cadets

Miss C Morey                                                  SENCo

Mrs Hitchcock                                                 Inclusion Leader/Phase Leader KS1

Mrs Hollis                                                        SENCo

Mrs Barrie                                                        Year 5 Leader, Assessment for Learning

Ms Robinson                                               Year 6 Leader, Spoken Language           


Class Teachers



Miss Hall                                                          EYFS Leader, Religious Education

Miss Evans                                                       Educational Visits Leader, Forest School Provision & Committee


Year 1                 

Mrs Hitchcock                                                 Leadership Team, as above                                

Miss Grout                                                  



Year 2

Miss Stone                                                        History Leader

Miss Bernath                                                    PSHE Leader


Year 3                                                             

Miss C Norton                                                 E-Cadets

Mr A Long                                                        Physical Education and Energy Boosters

Miss C Lifton                                                Geography and  Global Reporters


Year 4

Mrs Foster/Mr Burkey                                 Display Support

Mrs Brooks - Maternity Leave                     Leadership Team, as above                           

Miss Morey                                                     Leadership Team, as above       

Mrs A Apps                                                    Leadership Team, as above                           


Year 5                                                                

Mrs M Barrie                                                   Leadership Team, as above

Mrs C Noyce                                                   Modern Foreign Languages Leader

Mr D Shine                                                      Science & ECO Committee


Year 6  

Mrs K Cummings                                          Senior Leadership Team, as above

Ms C Robinson                                               Leadership Team, as above

Miss C Smith                                                  English & SCHITT Mentor                                      


Specialist Teaching Support Staff                                                                      

Mrs C Sabri                                                      Art and Display Leader

Mrs N Wells                                                     Music and Performing Arts  Leader      

Mrs Z Oldham                                                 Cooking and Healthy Eating


Teaching and Learning Support and Midday Supervision

Mrs K Bell                   Mrs N Beharie                   Mrs M Booker               Mrs S Brooks             Mrs R Bywater                  
Mrs D Capes-King     Mrs G Clarke                     Miss O Cummings       Mrs A Fowler            Miss V Ginger              

Miss Hobson              Mrs P MacAusland           Miss E Morgan              Mrs L Nangle            Mrs F Newman

Mrs M Richardson    Mrs S Redfern                    Miss J Slark                    Mrs B Terry


 Midday Supervisors - Mrs C Parsons      




Business Manager                       

Mrs C Gardiner                                               Senior Leadership Team, as above


Mrs J Orchard                                                 PA to Headteacher, Office Manager, School Admissions

Mrs N Tilbury                                                 Finance

Mrs L Mills                                                      Welfare

Mrs C O'Dowd                                               Receptionist & Resource Assistant

Mrs K Yamasaki                                             ICT Technicial Support, Assessment Data Administrator

Mrs S Galliers                                                 Teaching and Learning Administration




Mrs M Richardson                                           Trained Child Counsellor

Mrs D Capes-King                                           Emotional Literacy Support, Rainbows Loss

Mrs R Bywater                                                  Rainbows Loss Facilitator

Mrs B Terry                                                       Rainbows Loss Facilitator

Mrs Z Hollis                                                      Rainbows Loss Coordinator




Mr T Loftus                                                      Site Security, Cleaning and Maintenance Management

ARC Property Maintenance                          Cleaning


CATERING                                                     Surrey Commercial Services        






Together we learn,together we grow, with faith, love and God beside us