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Staff Organisation



The key responsibility of all school leaders is to sustain high quality teaching and learning and implement targeted plans for improvement.

Other responsibilities are listed 




Headteacher                                                  Safeguarding (Designated Safeguarding Lead), Strategic Direction,

Mrs E Felsing                                                Internal Organisation,  Self-Evaluation, Worship and Religious                                                                           Education, Health and Safety,  NQT Assessor, Transition,                                                                                 Headteacher Governor                    


Deputy Headteacher                                   Safeguarding (Deputy DSL), Self Evaluation,  Achievement  Data,

Mrs N Cook                                                   Staff Induction, NQT Lead Mentor, Staff Professional Development,

                                                                         Pupil  Premium, Transition, Pupil Voice Coordinator, School

                                                                         Council Leader, SCITT Mentor



Assistant Heads

Mrs K Cummings                                          Challenge for all at KS2, Mathematics, Maths Mastery Specialist Trainee


Mrs S Glenister                                               Challenge for all at Foundation Stage and KS1, Computing and Data

                                                                           Tracking Systems, Forest Schools


School Business Manager                            School Budget and Finance, Human Resources,  Premises,                      

Mrs C Gardiner                                               Administration and Welfare Overview, Safeguarding/Recruitment



LEADERSHIP TEAM                

Mrs R Brooks                                                   Year 3 Leader, E Safety Leader

Mrs L Hitchcock                                              Foundation Stage/KS1 Leader

Mrs  Z Hollis                                                    Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator (SEND)

Mr A Long                                                        Year 5 Leader, Physical Education Leader, Energy Boosters Leader

Miss C Morey                                                   Year 2 Leader, Science Leader

Mrs M Wootton                                               Year 6 Leader, English  Leader  


Class Teachers


Mrs S Glenister                                                Senior Leadership Team, as above

Mrs L Hitchcock                                              Leadership Team, as above


Year 1                 

Miss J Hall /Mrs A Foster                             Religious Education / Drama                                    

Miss A Evans                                                   Year 1 Leader,  Forest Schools Leader and Educational Visits


Year 2

Miss C Morey                                                   Leadership Team, as above

Miss J Stone                                                      History


Year 3  

Mrs R Brooks                                                   Leadership Team, as above

Miss J Grout                                                     Environmental Education, Eco Committee Leader

Miss G Jones                                                 Personal, Social & Health Education


Year 4

Mr Shine/Mr Reynolds                                  SCITT trainee                                                                                   

Mrs M Barrie                                                    Year 4 Leader, Global Reporters & International Leader,             

                                                                           Geography Leader          

Mrs L Luke                                                       Newly Qualified Teacher                                     


Year 5                                                                

Mr A Long                                                       Leadership Team, as above

Mrs Lord/Mrs J Cox                                      Modern Foreign Languages / English

Mr M Reynolds/Mrs C Noyce                     Design Technology


Year 6  

Mrs K Cummings                                          Senior Leadership Team, as above

Mrs M Wootton                                              Leadership Team, as above

Ms C Robinson                                               Religious Education                                             


Specialist Teaching Support Staff                                                                      

Mrs C Sabri                                                      Art and Display

Mrs N Wells                                                     Music, Performing Arts         

Mrs Z Oldham                                                 Cooking and Healthy Eating


Teaching and Learning Support and Midday Supervision

Mrs H Abbott                  Mrs M Booker                   Mrs S Brooks              Mrs R Bywater      Mrs D Capes-King             

Mrs G Clarke                   Mrs T Edwards                 Mrs A Fowler             Mrs L Fraser          Mrs P McAusland                

Mrs S Midgley                 Mrs L Mills                       Miss E Morgan           Mrs L Nangle         Mrs F Newman                

Miss E Nutter                  Mrs M Richardson            Mrs B Terry                Mrs C Wells           Mrs E Windwood


Midday Supervisors - Mrs C Parsons, Mrs S Redfern                     



Business Manager                       

Mrs C Gardiner                                               Senior Leadership Team, as above


Mrs J Orchard                                                  School Admissions Officer, SEND Administrator, Lunchtime Cover Manager

Mrs J Rush                                                       Personal Assistant to Headteacher, ICT Supervisor, Staff Professional  

                                                                          Development Administrator

Mrs A Scotchford                                            Reception, Ordering, Deliveries, Finance (invoices, payments, school trips)

Mrs N Tilbury                                                 Finance (dinner money), Attendance Monitoring, Basic Pupil Data

Mrs K Yamasaki                                             ICT Technicial Support, Assessment Data Administrator

Mrs I Prater                                                     Teaching and Learning Administration

Mrs S Galliers                                                 Teaching and Learning Administration



Mrs N Tilbury                                                  Pupil Welfare and First Aid

Mrs M Richardson                                           Trained Child Counsellor

Mrs D Capes-King                                           Emotional Literacy Support




Mr T Loftus                                                      Site Security, Cleaning and Maintenance Management

ARC Property Maintenance                          Cleaning


CATERING                                                     Surrey Commercial Services        


Kitchen Manager

Ms J Rampul


Mrs K Baker

Mrs A Lowe

Mrs K Middleton

Mrs K Murray

Mrs L Smither                                                                                                                


Together we learn,together we grow, with faith, love and God beside us