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House System

Each child across the school belongs to one of four houses.  The names of each house were agreed by the children and are based on star constellations in the Northern Hemisphere.  This is to reflect a determination to ‘reach for the stars’ and aim high in everything we do. 


Through the house system we aim to encourage competition, endurance and a determination to reach personal goals and beat personal bests.  Children earn points for achievement in any area of school life.  The winning team is recognised each week in a celebration assembly. Houses also compete in competitions throughout the year i.e. chess, rugby, multiplication tables, football, timed circuit training and annual sports day. 

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Our House Teams


AQUILA ~ The Eagle ~ RED ~  House Captains ~ Aleksandra 6C & Oscar  6W

The English word eagle comes from Latin Aquila. The word is believed to mean 'water-coloured bird' and is linked to the Latin world for water, which is aqua.


DELPHINUS ~ The Dolphin ~ BLUE ~ House Captains ~ Evie  6C & Jaydon  6C

The constellation Delphinus has been recognised as a dolphin for as long as can be remembered. It is in the  northern sky, close to the celestial equator.


HYDRA ~ The Water Snake ~ GREEN ~ House Captains ~ Edie  6W & Elliott  6R

The constellation of Hydra is both the largest and longest of all the constellations and looks just like a giant snake slithering in the night sky.


PEGASUS ~ The Flying Horse ~ YELLOW~ House Captains ~ Lily 6R & Vishal  6R

Pegasus is a constellation in the northern sky named after the flying horse in Greek mythology. Pegasus was the son of Poseidon, king of the ocean, and Medusa, a horrible monster with snakes for hair.             

Together we learn,together we grow, with faith, love and God beside us