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Within St Nicholas we promote an ethos of acceptance, understanding and an awareness of diversity in the community and the world around us.  We have an active global Awareness committee who name themselves our 'Global Reporters'.  This committee is chaired by Mrs Barrie and assisted by Ms White.  It includes pupils from Year 3 - Year 6.



3J   Sienna

3S   Finley

3W  Matthew


4B  Emily W-P

4K   Lucy

4S   Edie


5R   William Ha

5RL  Joshua

5W  Ollie


6A   Harvey

6R   Alex

6W  Katie/Phoebe


Global Reporters Aims 2014 ~ 2015

  • To deepen the understanding of cultural diversity within our own St Nicholas family
  • To build links with other school communities to gain knowledge of cultural differences and build more understanding of similarities and differences within different communities
  • To report on key events happening in the world so that pupils are up to date with current news
  • To continue supporting the education of Armen; a young boy who lives in Armenia

The Watoto Children's Choir came to visit our school. Our music teacher, Mrs Wells sponsors a child through them and has been to Uganda in August 2014 to see Watoto Childcare Ministries in action. She shared details of her visit and the work that Watoto do in a special assembly. We hope to have the choir back again to visit in 2015 providing we can provide enough homes for them to stay in.

Watoto Choir ~ Supporting Ugandan Orphans


Global Sponsorship


We  sponsor a 6 year old boy, called Armen, from Alaverdi in Armenia. We hope to raise £323 per year to fund his education until the age of 16 and to support World Vision in developing his community.


Alaverdi, is located in northeast Armenia. It was once a centre for copper production and textile industry. Following the failure of the factories, the working population have been struggling to switch to small enterprise or to agricultural farming due to limited market opportunities and a lack of training. It has become one of the poorest regions in Armenia where one in two families live below the poverty line.


The number of children with diarrhoea, anaemia and malnutrition is one of the highest in the country. In addition to this, the old and neglected infrastructure, such as paved roads or corroded water pipes that pollute drinking water, creates further obstacles for families trying to rise out of poverty.


The transition from Soviet Republic to new democracy has been difficult. Infrastructure is crumbling and corruption is rife. The cost of food, electricity and healthcare has become unattainably high for the 43% of Armenians who live below the poverty line.


Unemployment is high and many men migrate to Russia and to the European Union in search of work to support their families, which in turn upsets the traditional social structures at home.


20 years ago, Alaverdi was devastated by an earthquake from which it is still recovering. In addition to this, not long ago Alaverdi was hit by a massive hailstorm that destroyed whole farms and left no hope of a harvest.


With the help of World Vision, a new kindergarten has been built and the local pre-schools have been re-built. Children now have somewhere safe to learn and play, allowing their parents the chance to go out to work.  Families have also been provided with greenhouses where they can grow the vegetables they need to feed their children and the communities. Work like this equips the community to provide for themselves. It also makes them more prepared for any natural disasters that may occur in the future.


Over the next decade, with our support, World Vision will assist the local communities to address the root causes of the problems in the area and ensure the wellbeing of children and their families by achieving lasting improvements in health, education and economic development.


We have raised £133.81 so  far through Year 5 biscuit making, against our annual target of £323.

Together we learn,together we grow, with faith, love and God beside us