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Foundation Stage

Reception Updates


We email parents weekly with key information about learning in the classroom and also upload it here.



Our younger children should be handed over and collected by their parent to and from the classroom each day.  Please inform the class teacher or office staff if there is any change to this.

End of Year Report

Our E-Safety Code


Please remember our E- SMART rules for keeping safe when using technology:

E – Safe

Keep personal detail, such as home or school address, telephone numbers and age private


Keep your own login and password secret


Only contact people you know.  Keep messages, polite, sensible and kind


Ask before you use the internet


Be responsible and follow these rules to keep you and others safe


Tell an adult if you see or hear anything on the computer, mobile phone or games such as ‘X Box’ that makes you unhappy or uncomfortable


Together we learn,together we grow, with faith, love and God beside us