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February Half Term Challenge

The Forest School Representatives have agreed the theme for this half term’s challenge.  As usual the challenge is designed to get families out and about over half term and ties in with the RSPB Big School Birdwatch that happened this month.    

Please see the sheet below giving details of the activities and as with our previous challenge, house points will be awarded for taking part and photos are very much encouraged.  These should be sent in after half term with any work the children want to do on birds so we can refresh the Forest School board.

From September 2014 we begin the process of becoming a Forest School.

Why do we want to become a Forest School?

We have a superb school site with playgrounds, small and larger fields and our neighbouring conservation area 'Funky Footprints'.  We wish to take full advantage of this outdoor space so that more learning and play can involve team-building and collaborative problem solving within the natural environment. Relationships are exceptionally important to us at St Nicholas and this is reflected in the our core values chosen by the school community of 'friendship', 'thankfulness' and 'trust'.   Training a teacher to become a Forest School Leader will facilitate our aims for strong relationships based on trust, respect for one another and the environment.


The Values of Forest Schools Education


The first act of a newborn is to inspire, to take in breath, and from that moment onwards we never stop inspiring.

We know that Forest Schools has an opportunity to inspire and our techniques and approaches as the means of creating genuine experiences for the purpose of inspiration and transformation.

To that end, we recognise that must inspire individuals to become ambassadors for nature and champions for wellbeing.  We have an opportunity to support them in harnessing their potential and passion towards that which speaks to their truest self and to pass onto them that same inspiration that we have been given during our journey.


To aspire is to be on a journey.

 We believe in building aspirations for our trainees at every level in terms of their ability to achieve, apply the approach in a diverse range of situations and to transform the lives of those they mentor.

 We will build an aspiration for becoming a Forest Schools practitioner and working to use our shared approach to create experiences that can affect the wellbeing and self worth of a person.  They will be encouraged with the aspiration of succeeding in new areas of study in order to create those experiences, whether it is in woodland skills, educational theory or programme planning.


To be inspired to change and to aspire to that change are important foundations, however the process of  growth is in itself a core element of Forest Schools.  In being able to transform, we become able to create and re-create ourselves as we wish.Transformational learning is a process that allows anyone to learn how to learn.  It focuses on the core ability and qualities of a person and helps create a sense of self awareness, which then becomes a foundation for personal development.

Forest School Committee

Together we learn,together we grow, with faith, love and God beside us